Our commitments

For your upmost satisfaction

pledge of commitment

Our world is changing, our customers are becoming more and more demanding, so we have to evolve too in order to meet their requirements and still exist in the future.

Today, we have more and more specific requests for ISO 9001 certification and this element is also addressed by our prospects.

I therefore decided to turn this standard, often considered a constraint, into a real tool for progress for our company and our customers, ISO 9001 certification should not be for us an end in itself but rather a tool to carry out our quality policy based on continuous improvement and which aims at :

  • to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.
  • to sustain and develop our company in the long term.
  • to be highly responsive to our customers’ requests and to meet the deadlines set

The implementation of this approach has resulted in concrete actions, at all levels of the company, aimed at :

  • Bringing rigour to our daily lives
  • Structuring our organisation
  • Formalising what is done
  • Analysing and reflecting globally on our methods and results
  • Make the necessary changes by challenging ourselves

As part of our approach, clear objectives have been set to improve our competitiveness and performance, increase customer satisfaction and ensure the quality and conformity of our products.

Actions, means and resources are implemented in order to try to get closer to the expected results and especially to improve our performance.

These actions include:

  • The implementation of organizational methods applicable to each of us
  • The material and especially human investments necessary for our compliance and productivity requirements
  • The implementation of a permanent follow-up of all our achievements
  • The implementation of controls and “locks” to ensure compliant services

Convinced of the merits of the approach, by the interest that we can find in it internally and also by the advantages that our customers can see in it, I personally commit myself to provide the necessary means to Laurent DENHAUT, Quality Manager, to lead and improve our quality system.

I commit all staff members to participate collectively, to apply and to make the system live, that together we implement so that it remains perennial, permanently effective and understood by all.

The work is substantial but the stakes are high for the future of our society.

Bruno Mallet

Bruno Mallet

Managing Director,
May 21, 2021

Our certifications

To implement the charter, “Les Vins AUJOUX” and its partners are certified according to various standards. These allow the company to access export markets, both in Europe and the rest of the world.

But also to have more transparency between our partners and our customers, which strengthens everyone’s trust. Close relationships with the distributors are made possible by the control of internal and external processes aimed at reducing risks.

The company “Les Vins AUJOUX” is certified by Ecocert as a distributor and processor of organic wines. This approach allows it to be notified in the Agence Bio directory.

Currently, the company “Les Vins AUJOUX” is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard since 2013.

The service providers who package the company’s products are certified: